The Spirituality of '5-5-5'

  At one with the ideal that the Voluntas Dei Institute proposes to its members, to do in all the will of the Father, like Christ and the Virgin Mary, is the spirituality appropriately called the "Spirituality of the Three 5's (5-5-5)".
  The first five calls the members to a life of intimacy with the Lord through daily prayer centered on the following spiritual exercises: mental prayer or meditation, reading the Word of God and works of spirituality, Eucharist, devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, and devotion to the Virgin Mary, in particular, by a fervent meditation of the mysteries of the Rosary.
  The second Five calls us to develop above all the spirit of contemplation, humility and fraternal charity through the following attitudes: Presence of God: we seek the presence of God by living the present moment; we think of God frequently and seize every opportunity to intensify our union with Him. Absence of Criticism: we look upon others with a positive attitude and welcome the presence of Christ in them by abstaining from all interior and exterior negative criticism. Absence of Complaint: we develop our sense of wonder to discover and welcome the presence of Christ in events while abstaining from all destructive exterior or interior complaint. Being of Service: we accept our responsibilities fully and love to serve our brothers and sisters freely and eagerly in the footsteps of Jesus, that is, to take our life and give it fully and lovingly. Being Peacemakers: we strive to maintain peace of heart; we commit ourselves to establishing an evangelical climate of justice and fellowship in order to be instruments of reconciliation within our milieu.
  The third Five  calls us to seize the opportunity every day to perform at least five concrete acts of charity in order to practice living our contacts with others in a positive manner, as Jesus taught us. In short:
The first five 
(5 moments of prayer)
The Second Five 
(5 Attitudes to develop)
The Third Five
(5 Concrete Occasions)
-Reading the Word of God                        
-Meditation of God's Word
-Sharing in the Eucharist
-Visit to the Blessed Sacrament
-Praying of five decades of the Rosary  
-Presence of God
-Absence of Criticism
-Absence of Complaint
-Being a Peacemaker   
Five random acts of charity daily.
The members of Voluntas Dei strtive to attain perfection through this spirituality every day of his/her life.