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Yearly Statistics

Up till December 31st 2017, our Institute has 967 members, and 51 spiritually affiliated persons, in all of the 22 countries where the Insitute is present.

The distribution of members and affiliated persons goes as follows:

Priests incardinated in a specific diocese : 38

Priests incardinated in the Institute : 183

Clergy members (permanent deacons) incardinated in a specific diocese : 7

Clergy members (permanent deacons) incardinated in the Institute : 1

Single lay men with temporary incorporation : 34 Single lay men with permanent incorporation : 18

Candidates to priesthood : 67

Associate Membres : 619

Affiliated Members : 51

Here is the number of members in each country. The belonging district is written within parentheses:

Germany (USA) 2 England (USA) 1 Australia (India) 5 Canada 141 Chile 28 Colombia 19 Cuba 9 Scotland(Central) 1 Ecuador (Central) 3 USA 78 Ethiopia (USA) 69 France (Haiti) 11 Guadeloupe (Haiti) 4 Haiti 63 Italy (Central) 1 Kerala (India) 98 Laos (Central) 2 Dom. Republic 252 Sri Lanka 153 Switzerland (SL) 1 Tamil Nadu (India) 20 Trinidad (USA) 6.