Formation Houses

Origin of Bethel Seminary, Trivandrum.

The Instutute which was like a mustard seed in the beginning started growing like a banian tree, streching out its branches to a far and wide. It was in 1969, the Institute began to take root in the Indian soil. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Mark Netto became the first member. It was due to his hard work that the Institute began to grow in India. He recruited students for the Institute and trained them according to the spirit of the Institute.


But there was no formation house belonging to the Institute to train the students. For long since, it was the real need of the members to have a formation house of their own. Rev. Fr. John D Bosco the then Direcor with the help of Central House found a place near Kovalam. The present minor seminary at Azhakulam, Kovalam was blessed and opened on March 25th 1992, by Rt. Rev. Dr. Soosai Pakkiam, the Bishop of Trivandrum. Thus a long cherished dream of the members became a reality.
Bethel, Azhakulam, is the minor seminary of the Institute Voluntas Dei in India. Students who finish their school studies and above are given secular, spiritual and intellectual formation for three years here. During their stay here, one must show a gradual progress with regard to his studies, in spiritual excercises, in his vocation to priesthood etc...

Origin of Our Lady of Miracle Major Seminary, Aluva


As the seminarians increased in number, it became neccessary to have a formation house of our own for the major seminarians. Thus, a land was purchased on the shore of the Periyar river in Vellarappilly, Aluva, by the then Director Rev. Fr. Joseph Thannikkot, for the construction of the major study house for the students of philosophy and theology and the new building was blessed and opened for the major seminarians on 14th June 2006, thanks to the generouse contributions of the German benefactors and to the Central administration of the Institute Voluntas Dei.
Here, the students are doing their pilosophilcal courses in variouse institutes as day scholars. Jesus and his beloved Mother are their model, light, strength and constant companions in their efforts to arrive at a responsible decision and their journey towards priesthood.